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History – Jon Cable

Open Source Professional – Round Rock, Texas
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Professional Overview

For over a decade I have been involved in the direction of web and business technologies covering a wide range of unique interests. I immediately found a passion for technology after discovering my first 286 machine in 1992 and logging-on on to BBS systems and the classic AOL interfaces at a blazing 2400bps. As a web professional it has been an amazing journey to watch the internet evolve right before my eyes and I have developed a great interest in watching online technology trends and its effect on end-users, business and society.

Industry: Software

May 2009 – Current
Web Director and Technical Manager
ic3d logo
Photon Factory (Austin, Texas)

Web director and lead developer of the Unity (web) and onshore manager of IC3D (server/client) software systems. Both Unity and IC3D software suites are focused on servicing the offshore engineering industries with on location document controls, live/recorded video and 3D modeling/manipulation tools. I supplied the direction of all web/network technologies and technical management of employees and engineers in live offshore salvage operations.

  • Unity Web Portal
  • LIVS Live Video
  • IC3D Operations

  • Lead direction of all web and open source technologies.
  • Team development of client/server applications.
  • Technical management of techs, software and remote operations.
  • Management of offshore mobilization/de-mobilization activities.
  • Architecture of web applications into Amazon Web Services (EC2,S3,EBS).
  • Management of systems, networking and on-site datacenter operations.
  • Database Architecture and Design (MySQL).
  • Open Source Development (PHP/Perl/jQuery).

Industry: Publishing
May 2004 – June 2009
Web and Technical Manager
pci logo
Publications & Communications Inc (Austin, Texas)

Principle technology manager for a national magazine publisher. Managed all daily technical operations and production environments for both print and online distribution. Working with both executive publishes, art directors, sale mangers and web developers to maintain consistent results across both web and print products.


  • Company domain, hosting and web portfolio management.
  • Management of project teams in both print and web environments.
  • Manage corporate servers, routers and network operations.
  • Streamline subscription distribution and fulfillment.
  • Execute email, fax and online marketing campaigns.
  • Direct research and implementation of new technologies.
  • Deliver web products to large seminars/trade shows.
It has recently come to my attention PCI lost/changed most of the open source portfolio we built and has since been trying to rebuild from scratch. ;(

Industry: Web Solutions
April 2003 – December 2003
Web Solutions Account Executive
sai logo
Sia People Solutions (Houston, Texas)

Managed direct client sales and development contracts for ASP.net/MSSQL projects. Identified client needs, budgeting and project baselines while working with application developers to deliver custom client solutions meeting client expectations.

  • Sia Web Solutions
  • Sia People Solutions

  • Manage cold and warm sales leads.
  • Identify client needs and develop project baselines.
  • Manage client expectations and project delivery schedules.
  • Assist development teams in project work flows.
Sai has been rebranded as Talent Logic Inc and no longer offers web solutions.

Industry: Retail/E-Commerce
May 2001 – August 2002
Web Developer and Technology Manager
sai logo
Able Management Company (Huntsville, Texas)

Managed technical operations of 7 retail locations over extended regional network. Assisted in the setup, design and development of the initial online Ableammo product offering. Managed company technical and server infrastructure providing onsite and phone support to all location as needed.


  • E-Commerce Development
  • Technical Management
  • Network Management
  • Hardware/Software Support
Although using a different interface, ten years later Ableammo.com is still alive!